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To ensure the highest quality for you while using our service we enforce reasonable email restrictions, this is too ensure that our service works fast and efficiently for all of our clients. Our limits include sending / receiving a maximum of 10,000 emails in one day. If these limits are exceeded on a regular basis you will be contacted and potentially removed from the system
Automated email and spam are restricted at much lower limits to protect the integrity of the system. We reserve the right to change any limits without warning or notice to ensure the integrity of the email service.

Sending Limits: 10,000 Recipients/Day

To ensure a reliable and consistent service we have introduced a fair and easy daily recipients limit for our users. This allows you to send emails to 10,000 recipients in a 24-hour period for example 100 emails to 100 recipients Is classed as sending 10,000 emails.
We have implemented this limit to prevent our service being used for malicious use by spammers and to prevent the service running slow for other users if other clients are spamming. This keeps our service running fast for all our users.

Receiving Limits: 400 Messages/10 Minutes

If a mailbox does receive over 400 messages during a 10-minute period any additional messages sent to the user in the time period will be deferred. The sender of the email can typically retry to send the deferred email, once the 10-minuite period has passed the sender can successfully send the email.
Mailboxes designated to receive high-volume automated email have an increased potential of being impacted by this limit. For example, mailboxes set to receive from devices or programs that send diagnostic information via email, and systems which generate high volumes of email from services like CRMs and support ticketing systems.

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