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Email.ICU is a sub-brand of our main business Zonat S.A. We have many years of experience providing our valued clients with high quality web hosting and website related services. We use cutting-edge technology to enhance our servers’ speeds and performance to deliver our clients the most powerful and sustainable hosting experience possible for their individual requirements.
During the years in which Zonat S.A has operated we have requested feedback from our clients to improve the services we provide. Commonly we receive feedback regarding emailing systems. Many of our clients require an emailing system for their business to utilize in order to improve internal productivity.
Zonat S.A has adapted from the feedback which we received from our clients to create the Email.ICU service. At Email.ICU we are delivering the Microsoft Hosted Exchange product for our clients to take advantage of. The reason Microsoft Hosted Exchange was selected over other emailing services is we believe Microsoft Hosted Exchange has huge potential to improve internal productivity for small and large businesses while providing your business with a professional custom mailbox that adds an additional layer of authenticity to your brand. “” . Hosted Exchange offers multiple robust features and functions that clients can utilize to improve their emailing experience, all within a unique, strong, user-friendly interface.
Zonat S.A is proud to offer our clients Email.ICU Hosted Exchange as a service that can be purchased in addition to web hosting.
Our well-established support team have first hand experience using Microsoft Hosted Exchange therefore can provide excellent assistance to clients when required.

What Makes Email.ICU Different?

There are multiple hosting providers offering a wide range of emailing systems that clients can use. What makes Zonat’s Email.ICU different from other hosting providers? The majority of hosting providers aim to increase their monthly income to expand their profit margins. Zonat S.A is different! We aim to re-invest our income back into our business by improving our infrastructure or creating new services for our clients to utilize. Expanding our services provides our clients with new features and products that can improve their independent businesses.

Reliable Emailing – 100% uptime guarantee

Downtime can negatively impact any business. We back our Hosted Exchange with an unmatched network uptime guarantee and SLA. Never experience downtime when using Email.ICU.

Additional Security

Security is a major factor every business needs to consider. Protecting client data is highly important to us. We use three anti-spam filters to weed out any malicious unwanted emails. In the event a malicious email is not detected by our spam filters one out of our three anti-virus applications will detect malicious code. Using three spam filters and three anti-virus applications guarantee’s the service we provide our clients is safe and secure.
This ensures the service we provide our clients is safe and secure for personal data.

Migration Services

Microsoft Hosted Exchange has a built in migration services that clients can use to easily migrate their previous inboxes. For some clients this function may present some issues or errors. In the event an error occurs you can contact our dedicated support team for assistance. Our team will be more than happy to help migrate your previous inbox for you.

24x7x365 Support Team

Good emailing providers offer their clients technical support however the majority only offer support during open business hours.
At Email.ICU we are aware our clients may encounter errors outside of regular business hours that require support. Our support team is always on standby to assist you with any query’s you may have. We are here 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week , 365 Days Per Year.